Bienvenido a nuestro domicilio

Somos un equipo de ilustradores, que vamos en busca de personas que nos brinden su apoyo para desarrollarnos como dibujante ¿ Cómo? Abriéndonos su casa y posando para nosotros.

Dibujo a Domicilio es una iniciativa que busca reactivar el dibujo del modelo al natural, acercar la experiencia del dibujante a las casas para así reactivar el uso de la antigua figura del pintor de cámara, con una mirada más fresca y fomentar de esta manera la experiencia artística ya nos solo por parte dele los artistas sino también por parte del modelo quién quiera que sea nuestro anfitrión!
THE WALK IN ARTIST (Dibujo a Domicilio) We are a group of artist in search of people that can give us their support in our development as a illustrators.
This iniciative expects to reactivate natural figure drawing as used in the late middle ages when painters went to palaces to draw members of the royal families but with a fresh and modern point of view. How can this be done? inviting us to their homes and posing for us. As a host you will gaing a rich experience joining for about 2 hours the world of the artists!!

jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

Segunda participación en TEDxCibeles

TEDxCibeles, Teotro Goya, Madrid ( Entrada en progreso)

Recepción con cafecito

Los TEDx, son eventos en los que personas con ideas extraordinarias son invitadas para compartir,en tan solo 18 minutos, aquello que les apasiona. 
Es una organización sin fines de lucro. LAs conferencias reunen personas en las áreas de Tecnología, Entretenimiento y Diseño, temas considerados fundamentales en el modelamiento del futuro.
Participamos bajo la figura de Entretenimiento. 

Este año Dibujo A Domicilio en un arrebato de ilusión diseño unas postales para obsequiar a la vez que promocionar la actividad, entre los mas de 500 participantes!!  Este insentivo se recompenzó cuando ellos en respuesta a nuestra acción potenciaron la idea: Modificaron el programa de mano y reservaron, un espacio en la parte posterior del programa para la postal que podía ser retirada con facilidad para ser utilizada. Al sacarla de este espacio te encontrabas con la frase " ideas worth sharing"

Programa de mano
Maqueta de la postal

para ver todo el álbum aquí!

En el evento estuvieron (Calcado de la web de TEDX)

Tony Chen

Tony is Vice President and Servant of Movement121, a social innovation 
company whose vision is to transform the lives of 1,000,000 
people trapped in unfathomable poverty to become self-sustaining.  
After 10 years of corporate development experience, Tony finally took the
leap and pursued his passion for social entrepreneurship.  
He launched four social-integrated ventures within seven years, one of 
which was acquired in 2009.  Tony loves working on digital/social strategies 
and considers his sweet spot to be “kingdom entrepreneurship for 
kids” – building businesses that make a lasting impact on our world’s children. T
ony earned a B.S. of chemical engineering from Cornell University and an MBA in marketing and strategy 
from the Kellogg School of Management.

Maickel Melamed

Maickel Melamed is an Economist, Gestalt Psychotherapist and
Adventure Based Consultant. He has worked ten years as a 
lecturer, facilitator and workshop speaker for organizations in 
Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and the United States.
The doctors that attended his birth said he would not live, and he lived. 
They also said he would not speak, and today he speaks professionally
in front of masses. They said he would not be able to hike mountains 
or go long distances, and in 2006, he climbed the 16,427 feet 
high snow-capped Bolivar Peak in Venezuela and he ran the 2012 
New York City Marathon in 15 hours and 22 minutes. “If you dream it,
make it happen” is the motto that defines his way of living. Maickel 
Melamed has achieved great success by creating strategies to transform 
weakness or crises into opportunities, to approach life with strength and 
alternatives to be productive.

Simran Sethi

Named one of the top ten “eco-heroes” of the planet by the UK’s 
Independent and lauded as the “environmental messenger” by Vanity Fair, 
Simran Sethi is an award-winning journalist and associate professor
 at the University of Kansas, where she teaches courses on sustainability 
and social media for social change. Sethi is the founder and curator 
of the website Metamorphose, an interdisciplinary exploration of the 
personal and cultural dimensions of transformation. Simran is the 
contributing author of “Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy,” 
winner of the bronze 2008 Axiom Award for Best Business Ethics Book. 
She has written about sustainability for Huffington Post, Metropolis 
Magazine, and the Guggenheim Museum.  Simran 
is the former environmental correspondent for NBC News in the 
United States
 and was a frequent guest on the “The Oprah Winfrey Show” 
and “The Today Show.” She has spoken about sustainability
 in China, France and throughout the United States at 
institutions ranging from the Commonwealth Club to 
Cornell University; keynoted conferences including the 
140 Character Conference, the Green Business Conference 
and the North American Association For Environmental 
Education conference; and moderated panels for the White House sustainability symposium
 GreenGov and Clinton Global Initiative University.Simran is committed to a redefinition of 
environmentalism that includes voices from urban centers and rural communities.

Juan Verde

Mr. Juan Verde Suárez currently serves as International Co-Chair for 
the reelection  campaign of President Barack Obama. He is part of
 a select team of directors in charge of devising and leading the 
strategies for the campaign.  In addition to developing and 
directing a strategy designed to mobilize millions of American citizens 
residing outside of the United States, Mr. Verde serves as an advisor
to President Obama on international trade, Hispanic vote and Sustainability 
related issues.Juan Verde is also heavily involved in social issues. 
He was the founder and CEO of The Climate Project Spain, the Spanish 
branch of former Vice President Al Gore’s climate change nonprofit. 
He also served as president of the Fundación Biosfera (Biosphere Foundation),
 a nonprofit organization that promotes environmental values, sustainability, 
and the fight against climate change.

Nuria Perez Paredes

Nuria is a creativity trainer, an author and a speaker. She is the founder 
 and creative director at Creativity Hospital, a company whose mission 
is to revive the creative spirit that lives in all of us. She helps 
companies and managers to overcome issues or achieve goals 
by introducing creativity thinking tools into their everyday work.
At the moment her main passion is in education. With Creativity Hospital 
she teaches in schools, colleges and even visits families who want to 
explore the potential of creative thinking with their children. She talks 
about the importance of changing the traditional education system in 
favour of one that takes into consideration the individuality and talents 
of each child and she truly believes in the necessity to instil into the 
next generation the love for change and a willingness to innovate.
She arrived back in Spain last year, after spending half her life in 
between Milan and London where she used to work as a copywriter 
 and creative director in advertising. Working with clients like Coca-Cola, 
P&G, Renault or Nestlé taught her that creativity can be the key to 
transform any average thing (or person) into something remarkable 
and unique.Her background studies include journalism at Santiago de 
Compostela and Nottingham universities, copywriting at Accademia di 
Comunicazione in Milan, executive coaching and the therapeutic uses 
of creative writing at Birbeck College in London.She has two daughters and an obsession with bulldogs, 
cookies and brand new notebooks. And she will never, ever, be able to read a map.

Beatríz Lara

Beatríz Lara Bartolomé joined BBVA in 2006 as Director of Strategy 
and Innovation in the Technology and Operations area. 
Since 2010 she´s Chief Innovation Officer. Degree in Physics 
Science at the Universidad Complutense (Madrid) in 1986 and 
complemented it by doing a Financial Program in Harvard Business School 
and PDG (a MBA for senior executives) from the IESE. She started her 
professional career at Audiovisión Ibérica working as New Developments 
and Quality Manager. Her professional trajectory includes roles as 
Director of GSM Network Deployment for AT&T Network Systems, 
Director of New Market Operators and Director of Strategic Marketing in 
Ericsson Spain and Director of Mobile Communication Markets for Alcatel 
in Spain and LatAm. Currently guest speaker for international events 
and innovation networks. She´s spanish, married and mother of a girl.

Evans Wadongo

Evans Muchika Wadongo (born 11 March 1986) is the Chairman and 
Executive Director of Sustainable Development For All-Kenya (S.D.F.A-Kenya); 
a non-governmental organization. Mr. Wadongo has a Bsc. In Electronic and 
Computer Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and 
Technology. During his childhood, Mr. Wadongo lived with his family in r
ural western Kenya, walking several kilometers to school each day. 
His home and school had no electricity and he used kerosene lamps
 for lighting.Mr. Wadongo invented a solar lamp dubbed ‘MwangaBora® 
‘(Swahili for better light) in 2004; as a way to address poor education, 
climate change, health and poverty in rural areas in Kenya. He named 
the entire program: ‘Use Solar, Save Lives’. Mr. Wadongo was the founding 
Chairman of S.D.F.A-Kenya in 2006. SDFA-Kenya adopted ‘Use Solar, 
Save Lives’ program as its main focus. S.D.F.A-Kenya works in all 
regions in Kenya and is piloting in Malawi.Mr. Wadongo is a CNN top 
ten hero for 2010, a winner of the inaugural Mikhail Gorbachev Award and 
the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2011 by Schwab Foundation. 
He was also named among 20 Men who will shape the next 20 years by 
UK’s Esquire magazine in 2011. S.D.F.A-Kenya is also a SEED award 
winner by UNEP/UNDP in 2011. Mr. Wadongo was among the finalists of 
the inaugural Innovation Prize for Africa in 2012. He has also been 
selected as an Olympic Torch Bearer at the 2012 London Olympics. Mr. Wadongo has been featured in 
 most major international and local media channels and has been a mentor and speaker in schools, colleges and 
international conferences in several countries.

Finn Kydland

Finn Kydland is the Jeffrey Henley Professor of Economics at 
the University of California, Santa Barbara, and 2004 Nobel Laureate 
in Economic Sciences.  Professor Kydland received his B.A. from the 
Norwegian School of Economics (abbreviated NHH in Norwegian), 
and his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).  After previous 
appointments at NHH, CMU, and the University of Texas at Austin, he 
joined the UCSB faculty in 2004, where he is also the director of the 
Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance.  He is an Adjunct Professor 
at CMU, NHH, and University of Stavanger, and a Research Associate for 
the Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas and St. Louis.
Professor Kydland was awarded the Nobel Prize jointly with Professor Edward 
Prescott of Arizona State University. Professors Kydland and Prescott received 
the Nobel Prize for their research on business cycles and macroeconomic 
policy, specifically, the driving forces behind business cycles and 
the time inconsistency of economic policy.  More recently, Professor 
Kydland has conducted research on the role of monetary policy in the 
aggregate economy, domestically as well as internationally. In the housing 
arena, empirically residential investment leads the cycle significantly in some 
nations, but not in others. How is this regularity related to the nature of 
mortgage contracts in the respective countries, in particular to the relative 
prevalence of fixed versus flexible nominal interest rates? Finally, Professor Kydland has studied Ireland and Argentina 
with the idea in mind that there is a lot for other nations’ policymakers to learn from the respective successes 
and failures of these two nations.

Juan Jimenez Rocabert

Juan Ramon Jimenez Rocabert, Civil Engineer by the UPM, Expert in Signature and 
Electronic Billing for CEPADE (UPM) and Executive MBA from the EOI.
I have worked in companies related to construction as a calculist, commercial, 
Project Manager and Regional Manager. I have participated in the construction of 
more than fifty bridges all around Spain, highlighting the bridges Round South of 
Talavera and the Third Millennium Bridge at Expo Zaragoza 2008.My continuos 
training process allows me to develop my passion for new technologies and put 
it into practice improving the inner workings of the companies where I worked.
Currently, I work as technical – commercial in “Castelo Soluciones Estructurales” an 
entrepreneurial company of construction and also I am developing several personal 
projects related to education (cadasegundocuenta) and industry of Iberian ham (7@s).

Marcello Girone Daloli
As a graduate in marketing & management, he worked on advertising marketing and TV 
holding positions in Milan, Barcelona & New York (on Pepsi-Cola).Driven by a need to search 
from within 
 and a passion for the mountains he changed his life and moved for one year on the Himalayas. 
 from Asia he has alternated between philosophic and religious studies in Italy and taking trips-pilgrimages 
to tackle the issue of different customs and traditions: from the Path of Santiago de Compostela 
to Patagonia, from an Orthodox monastery in Greece to a jeans factory in Bangalore, from the Andes 
to Zimbabwe, from Russia to the Atlantic ocean on a cargo ship.In his travel 
diaries it is expressed the spiritual and social values of his experiences. In 2006 created 
the humanitarian “Zimbabwe Emergency-Dam Project” in order to 
give water to the St. Albert Hospital, Centenary Zimbabwe and has been managing and promoting
 the project since its inception.In 2010 has been published Indian Jeans, the diary of this 
experience in Bangalore. He currently divides his time between Ferrara, Pre Saint Didier (Mont Blanc) 
and many cities where he gives conferences, classes and lectures about the effects on the Western 
lifestyle of marketing, television and globalization. He share his experiences in the hope of contributing 
to new reflections and promote a different use of communication strategies for better purposes.

Catalina Hoffman

Catalina Hoffman is CEO and founder member of franchise net Vitalia Centros de Día. She is graduated in PDD of IESE Business School of Navarra University. She has studied Occupational Therapy and is specialist in cognitive
stimulation. She is positioned as professional reference in the old age sector; Catalina Hoffman is a regular collaborator in different social communication media, generalist and the old age sector. Her presence emphasizes in TV as member of a social gathering in the heath’s program “+VIVIR” in Intereconomía TV. Anyway, she is member as AMADE vice president (Dependence Attention of Madrid Association), it’s belong to a Day Care Centres Commission and coordinator of Communication Area. The same way, she is member of Editorial Council of Senda Group and she belongs the TOP TEN of CEO.In 2004, Catalina Hoffman opened the first Vitalia Day Care Centre in Madrid, based in her formation and professional experience working in the old age and after watching the need growth in the old age care. With Vitalia has born a new care system and individualized attention at the old people which takes into account the physics, psychics, cognitive and social sides which affects at the person.
The experience and format in the old people care of Catalina Hoffman, has let to have an exhaustive knowledge about problems and needs of the old people to create the treatment own program, the HOFFMANN’S METHOD, about what is based the entire Vitalia Day Care Centres running.

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